Description Installation Position
40A Noise Filter(Reduce Disturbancein line) Entrance Box of the House
Telephone Controller There is phone line and power line
Web Controller Connected with DDNS routerBroadBand
Multi-Function LCD Remote(433.92MHZ) Anywhere
Mini Remote Anywhere
LCD Transceiver with Timer Best Signal there
Wall Mount Controller Living Room Entrance
Scene Module Living Room
Fluorescent Lamp/Appliance Module Switch Box with live wire and neutral wire
Incandescence Lamp Micro Module Switch Box with live wire and neutral wire
Appliance Module (Max 2200W) Socket Box with live wire and neutral wire
IR Transceiver Aim at the Air Condition
Curtain Controlling Module Every Window
Curtain Motor Every Window
IR Motion Sensor Toilet/Unoccuppied Areas
IP Cameras Place requires attention

How do I get started?

Smart Home

With so many options available, choosing a place to start building your home automation system can seem overwhelming.
Most people find themselves confronted with seemingly endless questions and few answers.

Globetech Systems consultants can help you in choosing the right devices and solutions in cost effective manner.
Homeowners with large homes or powerline wiring issues have found wireless to be a new solution for building and expanding their home automation systems.
With the use of wireless devices, electrical wiring issues becomes a problem of the past.

We have launched three types of client software to make your smart phone or IPad to be a smart home controller.
After the installation of Client Software, what can you do with it? You can control lightings, TV, air-conditioning and electric curtains easily, just by this simple client software, instead of complicated kinds of remotes.
Moreover, if you install an IP camera in your house, you can monitor your house wherever you are.

Smart Home