GPS Tracker-Model ST1511

  • Vehicle Location tracking.
  • ACC ignition signal test, vehicle status prompt.
  • AC(Air Conditioner) detection (Car door or any other digital input signal).
  • Two way analog input for fuel detection, Temperature detection, or any other analog input signal.
  • SIM credit check (USSD).
  • Two way audio.
  • Tow car alarm.
  • Anti theft alarm.
  • Build-in battery alarm when power line is cut for illegally.
  • External fuel cut.
  • External SOS button for emergency call for help.
  • Water Proof, Humidity proof is import as moisture is the reason for SIM Card failures.
  • GPS + (even the device is hidden under the seat or inside the dash board GPS Fix is working).
  • No antennas but high sensitive hence signal reception is very good.
  • Light Weight + internal antennas makes it very easy to install -reduced installation cost.
  • Indian warranty.
  • Plastic body hence no problem of short circuit hence less prone to failure.
  • Has ignition on frequency and Ignition off Frequency, reduces the GPRS Cost.
  • Very Stable and sends data regularly. Internal Memory working very well.
  • No connectors (vehicle vibrates, connector fails and reconnects back so lot of maintenance).
  • Potential Free.
  • Uses latest Technology and latest GPS/GSM modems hence consumes very less power.
  • No hassle of draining the battery.
  • Send Power cut alarm this reduces the effect of not having internal battery.
  • One digital Output (for immobilizer) , one SOS button and Mike is also available.
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