A Proximity Warning Alert System (PWAS) is generally the term used for a system that warns industrial vehicles that they are in close proximity to a pedestrian worker. Most systems can be fitted to forklifts, reach stackers, gantry cranes, you name it – if these vehicles work near pedestrians, they need a warning system.

When accidents occur with a vehicle, pedestrians are the most at risk. Accidental collisions often occur when a pedestrian is not aware of a vehicle working close by. This is common in busy or loud working environments. The damage caused to a person by a forklift can often be severe, even fatal.

A Proximity Warning Alert System (PWAS) is more reliable. it uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that creates detection zones around vehicles, assets, crossing points and walkways.

 GPS Tracker

  • 360 Degree Detection.
  • Single or Multiple Detection Zones.
  • 3-9 Meter Detection Range.
  • Detection Regardless of Obstruction.
  • Event Data and Logging.
  • Fit a Proximity Warning Alert System (PWAS) to a vehicle. It can help to significantly reduce the risk of an accident between a vehicle and an asset or person.
  • Proximity Warning Alert Systems (PWAS) are versatile and extremely robust. It can be fitted to any vehicle from a forklift truck to an excavator. Our products can be fitted to ensure there is no damage, perfect for companies that rent or lease vehicles.
  • The Proximity Warning Alert System (PWAS) is 100% accurate. Every time the system identifies a tag, the alarm will warn the driver. With our products, the detection zone can also be modified to read a tag from between three and nine meters away.
  • The system is cost effective. Further development has reduced the cost of RFID technology compared to just a few years ago. Proximity Warning Alert System (PWAS) can also be far cheaper than having to redesign traffic flow, install walkways and safety barriers around a warehouse or factory.
  • The Proximity Warning Alert System (PWAS) can be part of a complete safety network package which can be set up throughout your work site. With the development of RFID, Proximity Warning Alert Systems can now store data and information which can be analyzed to identify areas of risk including near misses.